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Panurgy’s co-managed services lets you fill the “gaps” or offload non-core responsibilities of your IT support. You decide which aspects of your environment you wish to support directly, while Panurgy provides a customized support solution for specific areas, such as managed security, managed backup/BCDR, 24×7 monitoring, help desk, etc.


Panurgy’s Co-Managed Services complement your existing staff and can assume the IT responsibilities that your organization may not have the time or expertise to perform. Network management, monitoring, security, administration,  help desk and more, are available to custom build your co-managed solution to fit your organizations needs.

  • Internal IT staff can focus on high-level,  strategic IT initiatives and planning, while daily support for such day-to-day tasks such as troubleshooting, help desk services, software upgrades, data backup, etc. are outsourced.
  • Internal IT staff carries out the day-to-day tasks, but requires outside advice regarding the organization’s overall IT strategy.
  • Quickly Scale up your IT services to support internal growth.

Some of the key benefits of a co-managed solution include:

  • Improved productivity and availability:  IT support is available 24×7, even if your internal IT staff is on vacation or sick leave. Our Panurgy (on-premise) NOC  support provides instant access to support via phone or e-mail during business hours.
  • Lower costs: Co-managed services are offered at a fixed monthly fee, providing predictable costs for budgeting and in most cases, lowering overall IT expenses.
  • Increased security:  Co-managed services provides access to the latest technology and IT best practices, increasing your protection against external malicious threats.

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