Network Audit and Assessment

How well do you know your network?

Our NetCheck provides you with a comprehensive audit an assessment of your network.

Network Audit and Assessment – NET CHECK

Panurgy’s Net Check service provides a detailed audit, assessment and analysis report of your current network environment. Our Net Check service gathers vital information to report the state of your network, current hardware and software inventories, Active Directory documentation and analysis, and identification of potential critical areas of concern, including reliability, security, performance, remote access, data protection, and more.   Remedial recommendations are then made around best practices.


The NetCheck Service is a consultancy-led service that helps you optimize network performance and minimize downtime by isolating configuration, compliance, performance and security issues before they can affect network operations. Using our exclusive survey and reporting tool and proprietary processes, technical experts supplement basic inventory data with a complete account of the network infrastructure.  All information including network topology, Active Directory structure, security policies, remote access, current backup/business continuity/disaster recovery protections, and more are documented in detail. All information is analyzed by our consulting engineers and detailed analysis is provided on potential exposure and risk of downtime, as well as areas to improve network performance, reliability and security, protect your data and maximize existing assets.

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