Storage Solutions


As your business matures and evolves, your technology and storage requirements follow a similar growth pattern. It’s the age-old conundrum: the more your business grows, the more business intelligence you generate. Successfully being able to share, store, protect and retrieve the ever-increasing mounds of data can save your employees time, and improve overall productivity.

File Sharing

With the demand of the end users to access data across their workstations and mobile devices from multiple locations and networks, the storage of business critical data is a key necessity for keeping productivity and availability at its highest level. Panurgy’s storage solutions use your existing infrastructure and increase storage capacity virtually anywhere you have network access.

Capacity Expansion

Managing and handling an ever-increasing volume of data shouldn’t take time away from running your business. Whether servers have maxed-out internal storage, or you anticipate data expansion, Panurgy’s storage solutions are designed to handle your business’s storage capacity now and into the future.

Storage Consolidation

Panurgy storage experts design and develop a storage strategy that eliminates the complexity of creating a storage area network (SAN) for your business-critical applications. Our storage solutions are strategically designed to expand and accommodate your current business and are prepared to handle your business’s future growth.

At Panurgy, we believe that IT must pay tangible and measurable dividends.
And in the process, Drive Your Company’s Growth.