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alxisbittarsmall“If you’re looking for a partner who is as dedicated to the success of your business as you, then look no further. With Panurgy, we have an excellent partner with a strong technical team to support us which allows for our smaller internal team to focus on other initiatives. Panurgy’s technical knowledge is outstanding and the dedication to our company has been unparalleled. If you’re looking for a partner who is as dedicated to the success of your business as you, then look no further. Panurgy has assisted Alexis Bittar with rock solid recommendations, support and technical knowledge. The staff is professional and resolves issues quickly & efficiently.”  Ralph Bass, IT Manager – Alexis Bittar  

smfsmall “Panurgy is always there when we need them!  With Panurgy we have seen 100% up time across our 3 locations! The communication with the techs, sales and management has always been responsive, patient and highly effective. If you need a long term relationship with an IT firm that is on-point all the time, there is no other choice – Panurgy is the best.” Bill Moretti, Operations Manager– Service Metal

sjp_logoSMALL  “We have been with Panurgy for 14 years and have no plans of leaving them!  Throughout Super Storm Sandy they kept us up and running and have established a rock solid disaster recovery plan for our network.”

“Panurgy’s help desk is responsive and deals with the day to day issues at all of our sites in a timely manner.  I have even had contractors that deal with them comment that they are a dream to work with compared to some. With 15 remote sites that Panurgy monitors, I can sleep at night knowing that if there are any issues, I will get an immediate call or email on any issues such as a site being down or intermittent problems.

From the sales team right up to the owners they are available when I need them.  They always work to be part of the solution and not the problem.  Throughout Super Storm Sandy they kept us up and running and have established a rock solid disaster recovery plan for our network. During Super Storm Sandy, Panurgy remained operational and assisted SJP in keeping our network up and running along with our back up site…without issue. We have been working with Panurgy for 14 years, they have always taken a positive attitude to resolve our problems.

I can’t put the single biggest benefit of working with Panurgy since there are so many right at the top, so I will list them separately and you can use whatever you want.

  • The help desk is second to none.  The team is always polite and understanding with my staff when they call. And believe me some of my staff can be difficult.”
  • The sales team is always responsive to our needs and is always available to us.  They continually make recommendations on how to better secure, operate, and maintain our network.
  • The onsite service team is responsive and have a confident attitude.
  • Several of our contractors that have to interface with Panurgy on network access for their equipment have come back to me and said that “Panurgy is one of the better IT service providers that they have worked with.”

Gary Oravsky, Regional Property Manager – SJP Properties

paigesmallpngPanurgy treats every customer as if they were their ONLY customer. Network reliability is at its highest point… No down time due to Panurgy & its monitoring & overall design. Panurgy staff is top of the line. They keep current with technology & offer cost effective solutions to all network issues. Often, their staff knows about & fixes issues before we do & give us 100% reliability. Their multi-level support teams allow them to find someone on staff who can diagnose & correct any problems that arise.” Joe Dobies, IT Manager – Paige Electric

sudlersmall “Panurgy’s proactive approach to problems and possible issues is a great strength. With Panurgy we have not had to worry about or be concerned with any IT problems.  If there is a problem, one phone call and it is handled. Takes the stress out of this part of my job.  Panurgy has been, for all intents and purposes, the only IT firm we have worked with since the late 1990’s, when I was given the responsibility of the network hardware and software. We have been using Panurgy for years and are completely satisfied with the level of expertise of the help desk techs as well as those involved with network infrastructure. Our biggest problem has been the unreliability of our Internet provider and when there is a problem, Panurgy knows about it before we do and handles it directly with our provider.” Ruth Freidman, Controller – Sudler Co

edge “Panurgy has helped lead us through the various issues and requirements of being 100% cloud-based. We also appreciate the 1×1 service of the help desk we receive from Panurgy.   

Two things I feel Panurgy does better than any other IT support company: 

1) Customer Service – whether it be the help desk, or the individual who is in our office bi-weekly, we appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of the techs that interact with our people; and

2) Panurgy has the ability to understand the IT needs of a growth company: – Panurgy helps Edge grow while maintaining a sophisticated IT infrastructure so that it’s transparent to our employees yet continuously meets our needs in terms of performance and security.

I’ve actually talked to some of Panurgy’s prospective clients on why choose Panurgy.  I tell them the story of how the day before an important merger was going to close, our system went down. Jeff got up in the middle of the night, drove >1hr to our office and got us back online.  That’s amazing customer service….Panurgy has been my go-to network IT partner ever since.  I believe Edge is now the 5th company I’ve been involved with that uses Panurgy.  They’ll be the partner in the 7th, 8th and 9th as well if I get that opportunity.” Andy Einhorn, CFO – Edge Therapeutics  

mb “When you call you get a real person in USA (NJ) not a machine, not voice mails – a tech that knows you & your company!  With Panurgy, we have built history: They know our company & know what we need & what is important to us. They have worked with MBUSA & our other providers seamlessly. Funny but we have never worked with another IT firm. For due diligence purposes, we did go out for bids a few years ago and decided to stay with Panurgy. The prices were in line & we knew what we had. The grass is not always greener in the IT space!”  Joseph Hobbs, Marketing Manager – Mercedes Benz, Princeton

negleysmall“The single biggest benefit from working with Panurgy has been that I do not have to worry about my IT infrastructure. Panurgy handled it all!  The staff at Panurgy, has superior knowledge.  There wasn’t a time when their team couldn’t figure something out.  If you are on the fence about choosing an IT firm – DO NOT be penny wise and pound foolish.  This was the best money I spent and gave me the peace of mind I needed to manage all the other aspects of my business. ”  Sue Cohen, Executive Vice President– JJ Negley

convertech_logosmall  “If you do not want to worry about your network, choose Panurgy!  They make your life easy. We have complete confidence that our network is fully functional and that whenever we have a network issue, it is fixed quickly and without drama. The engineers at Panurgy are extremely competent, have a wide range of knowledge and depth, so they can solve any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. They are my favorite vendor and always come through for us!”    Larry Taitel, President– Convertech


 copy-kirby-logo-smallpng  “Panurgy provides quick and comprehensible service at a reasonable price and we feel that our data and systems are well protected. That may be the most important feature…feeling protected. We have been a Panurgy client since 1998!  We have always received prompt and courteous service and have worked primarily with one technician (John Guerra) for all upgrades and major problems, so for us it’s personal. Aside from John, the support we receive from Panurgy’s Help Desk, has worked out well for all of us in the office. I can’t think of a time that a dilemma has not been solved in a timely manner.” JoAnn Tiefau, Program Officier – FM Kirby



turner“You will never be embarrassed or fired for selecting Panurgy as your IT firm. Panurgy flawlessly handles IT issues that would otherwise require our engineers to delay progress on our television broadcast projects.  Panurgy takes very “good notes” about our complex infrastructure and never forgets anything they have worked on for us.” John Turner, Principal Engineer – Turner Engineering

brownandbrown“As an insurance company we tend to want to be cutting edge, not bleeding edge, and Panurgy have helped us maintain that balance. We’ve been working with Panurgy for about 12 years and in that time they have never steered us wrong with regard to industry trends. To that end I would say that the single biggest benefit has been moving to new technology as it becomes available and, most importantly, stable.

Panurgy is reliable and will do whatever needs to be done to make something work properly, regardless of how long it takes or how difficult it is. I have heard from other branches of my company about their particular service providers who decide that something can’t be done and just bail on it. Panurgy doesn’t do that.

If someone was on the fence about choosing Panurgy as their IT firm, I would tell them:  I am pretty passionate about uptime and I have worked with Panurgy for over a decade. Think about that, if Panurgy didn’t deliver quality service or keep my network up and running, I would be working with someone else.” Rich Currie, Systems Administrator – Brown and Brown Insurance, LV



“Panurgy’s Total Data Protection saved significant data from being lost!”

Recently, ransomware attacked a PC on our network!  An entire volume on a shared drive was encrypted and the virus was spreading. Quickly, Panurgy removed the “host” PC from the network and was able to remove the infected files on the server. After the encryption files were deleted, Panurgy began a file restore of the files from our latest backup.  We were up and running again. Following this experience, I am a believer in Panurgy’s Total Data Protection. We were able to avoid a potential loss of significant data which couldn’t have been restored if we did not have the backup data at the ready with Panurgy.

Garden State Growers      Mark Lysynecky, Controller –  Garden State Growers

With Panurgy as your strategic technology partner, you can:

Enjoy Greater Productivity – more uptime means more effective work time

Focus on your Business Goals – we take technology concerns off the table, ensuring optimal performance

Rely on Guaranteed Asset Protection – your business data and network are safe and secure

Gain Peace of Mind – 24/7/365 live on-call IT support when you need it most

Panurgy has the expertise you need to stop worrying about your IT Support. Like other similar business owners in your area, count on us, the reliable IT experts, to keep your network safe.