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Is your organization at high risk for ransomware, hackers, and other devastating cyber-attacks?

Such attacks can take many forms and come from multiple directions. More often than not, the worst cyber-attacks result from vulnerabilities you were not even aware of, from power surges and cybercriminals to viruses and worms, and even by careless employees. Therefore, effective cybersecurity protection is not just one thing, but a whole complex of integral and interacting moving parts. These include:

  • Securing your network from outside interference
  • Protecting your data from theft or loss
  • Blocking malicious incursions via email
  • Teaching employees the art of security awareness

Is your business properly secured?

Today, more than ever, businesses face a level of network security threats that must not be ignored. They may be domestic in origin, or they may come from overseas. Money may be the object, or simply malicious fun. Either way, the bad actors behind these attacks have the ability to destroy a business.

At Panurgy we specialize in creating complete data and network security solutions custom-fit to your business requirements. From A to Z, we can plan, implement, monitor, and manage a cybersecurity solution designed for your organization now and scalable in the future as you grow.

Learn how Panurgy can protect your business and reduce risk through our industry-leading on-site and cloud-based cybersecurity services.

cybersecurity services

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  • What is Cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity is the term used to define protection against unauthorized access and use of data by illegal means. This includes breaches of network security, client, employee, and patient data, malicious emails, zoom meeting interruptions, and more.

  • Are ransomware attacks really a risk to my organization?

    Any computer, network, person, or business is subject to ransomware attacks and violations of cybersecurity. From scammer emails and remote school interruptions to ransomware attacks that cost businesses millions of dollars, all of these are under the umbrella of cybersecurity.

  • Why does your business need it?

    Your business holds client information and, in some cases, like financial services and healthcare, is required held to compliance standards that protect said information. Not only that but projects, employee data, and proprietary information need to be protected.

    Your organization needs a cybersecurity plan to protect data at all levels and protect systems from attacks that, in some cases, could cost you your business.

  • What are the costs of getting cyberattacked?

    Downtime, reputation damage, brand management, and the cost to pay off hackers just to get information back before it is released publicly can total in the millions. For a small business, the average cost of an attack is hundreds of thousands and much more for larger organizations. The results can be long lasting and damaging to a brand. It costs less to protect with cybersecurity.

  • What are the benefits of Cybersecurity protection?

    Cybersecurity protects from hackers attempting to compromise data and deters them from future attacks. Letting hackers get into systems and then paying them off is just an incentive for them to continue their work. Implementing a cybersecurity plan is better for your organization, and in the long run costs less money than an attack.

Network Security

Panurgy protects your organization’s valuable data and infrastructure from myriad security threats, unauthorized intruders, and costly viruses, including ransomware.

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Total Data Protection

A key element of any effective cybersecurity strategy is regular, reliable, and comprehensive backup and protection of data that can be easily restored in case of disaster.

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Email Security - Mail Protect

Let Panurgy MailProtect service protect your company’s desktops, laptops, and servers from email threats and web and software vulnerabilities before they reach your critical systems.

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Employee Security Awareness Training

Our Employee Security Awareness Training provides you with a comprehensive approach that integrates baseline testing and ongoing training campaigns to build a more resilient and secure organization.

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Cybersecurity Compliance

Gaining the expertise of a quality IT services company like Panurgy can aid you in ensuring your cybersecurity needs are met and you’re not surprised by standards or regulations you weren’t expecting.

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