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Managing IT compliance has never been simpler. As your provider, our team monitors, updates, and secures patient data while ensuring systems are running efficiently. That way you and your staff can focus on patient care and practice management. We understand the importance of protecting patient information which is why we have a specialized team to manage HIPAA compliance standards for our medical office clients.

HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This is the standard by which medical offices, hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical facilities are managed. HIPAA is designed to protect patient data from anyone except who the patient authorizes. That includes a standard by which our team is also bound to abide.

Managed IT Services that include HIPAA compliance fall under the category Business Associates. That means our business is as responsible for protecting patient data the same as your facility or practice. We take measures to make sure our team is up to date on the latest standards.

Panurgy is dedicated to securing Protected Health Information for your facility and patients.

Panurgy secures PHI in the following ways:

Securing workstations, backup, and emergency processes.

Providing audits and tracking to understand where there are risks of breach.

Protecting information transmitted via email, fax, or the cloud.

HIPAA compliance isn’t as simple as adding passwords to every workstation. While that is important, we also need other steps in place to secure incoming, outgoing, and stored information. As your medical office grows and changes, we can work alongside your team to create processes that ensure compliance while making the process as simple as we can based on current standards.

In 2009, HIPAA was amended to add The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. HITECH was passed in response to the increased use of electronic files and technology by hospitals, doctor’s offices, and similar.

Cybersecurity insurance can cover the expense of a data breach of patient data at a medical office. It may even cover the cost of restoring data, paying ransom to hackers, and/or compliance fines. Because this type of insurance coverage may defray the cost of a breach, it can save a medical practice from financial ruin. We know because we’ve seen it happen.

Everyone is vulnerable to cyberattacks and ransomware. Whether you’re a single provider or part of a large group or hospital, it is important to have the IT services to support the organization before, during, and after a breach.

HIPAA compliance is a requirement for medical offices. Our team understands what it takes to protect these organizations. If you’re not sure how protected your patient records are, we’d love to talk to you.

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Since working with Panurgy, we have noticed an overall improvement in our cyber security...

We are receiving less phishing e-mails and feel more peace-of-mind that our networks are secure and protected. With the size of Panurgy’s team, we find any issues we do have is being addressed quickly and resolved faster.

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We have complete confidence that our network is fully functional and that whenever we have a network issue, it is fixed quickly and without drama. The engineers at Panurgy are extremely competent, have a wide range of knowledge

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