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Network Security

Stay Ahead of Potential Risks with Panurgy’s Managed Network Security

Run your business without worrying about your network’s security. Panurgy is an authority on information security protection. Let us protect your data and infrastructure from security threats, intruders, and costly viruses, including ransomware.

Today’s network security risks are more insidious and destructive than ever. They require businesses to maintain up-to-the-minute protection of their data and their network environment. For that reason, businesses like yours need a truly secure solution that is delivered by highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable security experts.

Key Features of Our Network Security Solutions:

Managed Firewall: There is nothing for you to buy—all hardware and software are provided, along with installation and configuration, ongoing monitoring, and updates to maintain effective intrusion prevention.

Managed Anti-virus/Anti-Malware: We protect your organization from attacks using leading-edge filtering and advanced detection techniques.

Patch Management: PC, Macs, and servers are kept always up to date with the latest operating system and application updates and security patches.

Email Security: Stop email threats and vulnerabilities before they reach your systems. Includes spam filtering, virus/malware blocking, and phishing attack prevention, as well as email system continuity protection.

Content Filtering: We block harmful sites, prevent access to objectionable or illegal content, and create a safe working environment for business Internet access. We can also provide reports on user web browsing activity.

Secure Wireless Services: Safely use mobile devices throughout your office for conducting business, while also providing secure guest wireless Internet access—effectively blocking unauthorized access to your network and servers.

Flat Monthly Fees: Fixed rates—and no surprises.

Panurgy’s Total Support Solution includes: Managed Firewall, Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware, and Patch Management, along with proactive monitoring, unlimited help desk and onsite support, and more.

Don’t wait any longer to secure your network. Call us today! 973-370-9618 Our team of security experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Since working with Panurgy, we have noticed an overall improvement in our cyber security...

We are receiving less phishing e-mails and feel more peace-of-mind that our networks are secure and protected. With the size of Panurgy’s team, we find any issues we do have is being addressed quickly and resolved faster.

Mike Manley
National Cortina

If you do not want to worry about your network, choose Panurgy! They make your life easy.

We have complete confidence that our network is fully functional and that whenever we have a network issue, it is fixed quickly and without drama. The engineers at Panurgy are extremely competent, have a wide range of knowledge

Andy Einhorn
Edge Therapeutics