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We’re Not About Just Managed IT

Even if your organization isn’t ready to hand its information technology needs completely over to a capable and experienced third party, that doesn’t mean your internal IT department can’t occasionally use a hand to get the job done. That’s where Panurgy comes in.

An à la carte approach to providing professional IT services boils down to two key undertakings:

  1. Maintaining hardware and software infrastructure
  2. Managing people and skills

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In addition to our managed and co-managed IT services—not to mention cloud, cybersecurity, business continuity, and VoIP services—Panurgy also offers the following specialized IT solutions.

Data and Voice Infrastructure Cabling

Cabling is the backbone of your data and VoIP phone system network. To ensure your networks are operating at maximum speed and capacity your cabling needs to be not only properly configured but properly installed and up to current codes. A well thought out plan and design ensures your networks will meet your business needs today and well into the future.

Panurgy can design, plan and implement your data and voice cabling infrastructure to ensure you arer getting the most efficient cabling solution to ensure maximum benefit for the type of data that is expected to run over these cable lines, now and in the future.

Panurgy’s cabling engineers will determine the best solution to maximize the potential of your network and voice infrastructure for today and well into the future.

Cabling Features:

  • Well planned design and structure
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Maximize Network Efficiency
  • High Performance Components

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Project Management

Panurgy will partner with you on your large-scale hardware, software, and networking projects so everything goes according to plan.

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Virtualization reduces your capital expenditures through server consolidation, and improves operating expenses through reductions in energy and space requirements

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