Protect your desktops, laptops, and servers from email threats and web and software vulnerabilities before they reach your systems.

Threat Protection

Get protection from targeted threats and malicious URLs with best-in-class cloud email security

Employ advanced IT software solutions that filter inbound and outbound email for spam, viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and more. Be confident that Mailprotect Email Security will provide the same high level protection for small and medium-sized enterprises as our large global enterprise customers have thanks to our patented MLX™ machine learning technology.

With the ease of virtualization security, we can remove all malicious and inappropriate email that could negatively impact an organization, before it reaches inboxes. The interface of our IT software solution logs all emails—Inbound and Outbound—which pass through a company’s system, enabling complete message traceability for users. Disclaimers can also be attached to all filtered email in line with each business’ own compliance guidelines. Outbound mail is scanned for any viruses, malware or other malicious content.

As a result, a company can provide protection to the intended recipients while protecting the professional reputation of its organization.

Guard against specific spam and security threats, including malicious spam and longline phishing attacks designed to deliver high volumes of dangerous email into organizations

Get the enterprise-level protection needed for a small- or medium-sized enterprise with our email filtering feature, powered by our patented Proofpoint MLX™ technology, which uses advanced machine learning techniques to provide comprehensive spam detection. MLX™ continuously analyzes millions of messages and automatically adjusts its detection algorithms to identify even the newest, most cunning types of attacks. The result is a high rate of effectiveness and a very low rate of false positives. Download the MLX™ Technology Guide for more details.

Proofpoint Data Loss Prevention software-as-a-service solution effectively manages both structured and unstructured data management with ease. Basic enterprise data management security policies can be handled as well advanced deep content analysis based on structured data such as protected health information (PHI) or primary account numbers (PAN) and unstructured data such as confidential documents. Structured and unstructured data management policies can be set based on the enterprise data being detected, then addressed accordingly.

Address issues regarding confidential, malicious or inappropriate email content that is being sent or received. Establish a variety of filters, depending on a company’s needs—and block emails based on the size of the email, the type of attachment, the sender or recipient, the country of origin or destination, and the content within the subject line, body or header. This content filtering feature is completely configurable to each company’s needs and harnesses a range of proprietary technologies that determine whether or not each individual email may be allowed in or out of the organization. Also customize rules for a number of different situations. The Rules Engine allows emails to be filtered based on a series of select variables, such as message size, country of origin, and destination. The rules can be directed either to the user only, or a group of users chosen by the company administrator or even the entire organization. Users are also able to edit and order rules to their own preferences. Download Content Filtering Guide for more information.

Targeted email attacks containing malicious links and attachments represent one of the most dangerous IT threats facing enterprises today. Proofpoint Essentials leverages advanced technology to provide smaller enterprises with a comprehensive URL and Attachment Defense service inclusive of predictive sandboxing, advanced malware detection and real-time dynamic analysis features.

With the growing reliance on social media to reach customers and prospects it is becoming necessary to secure this communication channel like any other. Social Media Account Protection can enable small enterprises to protect their social media presence against hacking, spam and malicious content; automatically removing any in appropriate content as it is posted.

Ensure that vital email communications are up and running like normal at all times—even when there is partial network failure.

[accordion title="Emergency Inbox: automatic access to email if unexpected downtime occurs"]

Make sure your business email is fully operational at all times, even if your server fails or unexpected downtime hits. Many email continuity systems only activate after a disaster, but our emergency inbox is activated the very moment a problem occurs. The result: your company won’t miss a single email. With our easy-to-use webmail client, gain full access to read, forward, compose, and reply to email, as well as to open attachments— with all email scanned as usual for any content rules that were previously set. Such functionality means the outside world will have no idea when you’re experiencing technical difficulties, and your organization will experience business as usual. Download the Emergency Inbox PDF to learn more.

Retrieve successfully delivered emails received in the last 30 days that may have been mistakenly deleted or accidentally removed from servers. With a simple click of a button, every end user has the ability to resend any of these deleted emails in its original format. For partners and IT support administrators, this handy feature offers a much more effective and simpler alternative to performing time-consuming backup restores. Additionally, using our Instant Replay, avoid the problems that often accompany a complete restore, such as frequent gaps in the data and an unstable database.

Be safeguarded by our continuous SMTP Deferral, Failover & Queue protection—and get instant and automatic email spooling and failover activation, and preserve email metadata during an outage, without requiring any administration intervention. Allow administrators access to control automatic failover order and status, and enable a quick, automatic reset to the primary site. Automatically detect and monitor destination server availability, and make the correct decision when to invoke failover configurations. With quick restoration of SMTP traffic to the primary site once recovery is detected, reduce system complexity and administrative headaches, and maintain a comprehensive, extremely low-maintenance answer to backup MX management needs.

Email Encryption

Email Encryption within Proofpoint Essentials enables small enterprises to enforce data security policy transparently to end users. All emails that contain defined sensitive data are automatically encrypted and the communication made secure. This can prevent the potential loss of confidential data and the negative effects that could create.


Be secure using our 10-year cloud archive—where you can manage your data, prevent leakage, have easy access for discovery, achieve regulatory compliance, remove storage limitations, and reduce on-going costs. The archive can dramatically reduce the internal growth of pst files, with data stored separately from other users and secured with a unique encryption key.