Brown and Brown Insurance, LV

As an insurance company we tend to want to be cutting edge, not bleeding edge, and Panurgy have helped us maintain that balance. We’ve been working with Panurgy for about 12 years and in that time they have never steered us wrong with regard to industry trends. To that end I would say that the single biggest benefit has been moving to new technology as it becomes available and, most importantly, stable.

Panurgy is reliable and will do whatever needs to be done to make something work properly, regardless of how long it takes or how difficult it is. I have heard from other branches of my company about their particular service providers who decide that something can’t be done and just bail on it. Panurgy doesn’t do that.

If someone was on the fence about choosing Panurgy as their IT firm, I would tell them: I am pretty passionate about uptime and I have worked with Panurgy for over a decade. Think about that, if Panurgy didn’t deliver quality service or keep my network up and running, I would be working with someone else.”

Rich Currie
Systems Administrator
Brown and Brown Insurance, LV