Edge Therapeutics

Panurgy has helped lead us through the various issues and requirements of being 100% cloud-based. We also appreciate the 1×1 service of the help desk we receive from Panurgy.

Two things I feel Panurgy does better than any other IT support company:

1) Customer Service – whether it be the help desk, or the individual who is in our office bi-weekly, we appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of the techs that interact with our people; and

2) Panurgy has the ability to understand the IT needs of a growth company: – Panurgy helps Edge grow while maintaining a sophisticated IT infrastructure so that it’s transparent to our employees yet continuously meets our needs in terms of performance and security.

I’ve actually talked to some of Panurgy’s prospective clients on why choose Panurgy. I tell them the story of how the day before an important merger was going to close, our system went down. Jeff got up in the middle of the night, drove >1hr to our office and got us back online. That’s amazing customer service….Panurgy has been my go-to network IT partner ever since. I believe Edge is now the 5th company I’ve been involved with that uses Panurgy. They’ll be the partner in the 7th, 8th and 9th as well if I get that opportunity.”

Andy Einhorn
Edge Therapeutics