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Construction is an industry that requires a massive amount of moving parts on any given today. Onsite work is full of logistical issues, teams need to be tracked and timed, accounting is a consistent concern for projects, and there’s much more. High quality construction IT services allow contractors to manage all the disparate aspects of their business more easily. As your construction IT services partner, Panurgy provides tools and resources to streamline any firm’s workflow and day-to-day operations. Small technical problems holding up massive construction projects won’t be an issue when Panurgy’s expert IT support team is readily available to assist you with any software or hardware difficulties.

Panurgy's Construction IT Services

Panurgy’s construction IT services also provide complete network security solutions for your contracting company. Avoid having your staff deal with ransomware, phishing attacks, and other malware with help from our cybersecurity resources. We can monitor your network and prevent any cyber attacks from destabilizing your business when you and your workers are already trying to juggle numerous complicated projects. Protect your company and the clients who have invested their trust and money into your firm by getting the best cybersecurity possible with Panurgy’s construction IT services.

Making sure contracts, blueprints, plans, and other documents are properly backed up in a way they can always be safely recovered is another benefit of working with Panurgy on your construction IT services. Our data backup and disaster recovery services are included with our comprehensive IT consulting packages. We work to always maintain business continuity so your projects go as smoothly as possible. Panurgy’s construction IT services deliver the peace of mind your team needs to know technical errors aren’t going to ruin jobs they’ve worked hard on.

When your firm starts a new project, they consider every detail at the beginning and plan for comprehensive solutions to issues that could arise during construction. Panurgy takes a similar approach to implementing construction IT services at your company. We make sure we know every challenge your company faces and vulnerability your business faces in order to provide your with complete IT solutions that give you exactly what you need. We custom-tailor IT services to your organization’s specific situation. We apply our expertise in every way to ensure your satisfaction with the construction IT services Panurgy provides.

Call Panurgy today and schedule an appointment to discuss how we can use our IT expertise to help your construction firm. We can discuss all the current IT difficulties you face and begin crafting a custom solution whenever you’re ready.

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Having an expert to be there and help with all our computer issues and not have to worry about our system being backed-up and protected has been one of the biggest benefits of working with Panurgy. Our experience with Panurgy has been nothing but professional and more of having a friend work with you than just a company.

Silvio Esposito Hanover Township

With Panurgy as our partner, we are able to focus our energy on our core business and not be distracted with IT issues or keeping on top of changing tech landscape. I haven’t worked with a lot of others but I know why we stay…Panurgy is uber responsive and can always find a solution.  Why would we look elsewhere?  If anyone is not sure about the quality of service Panurgy’s delivers,  I would say ….check the references.  Would other references say the things we say about Panurgy about their IT firm?

Andrea Karsian Wasco - Wholesale Auto Supply Co.