Modernize Your Workforce with Panurgy’s CoreNexa 7.0

Next-gen Voice, Video, Messaging & Collaboration

Businesses have new needs when it comes to communications & collaboration —needs that require much more than what’s possible with point solution video & meeting apps, Panurgy’s CoreNexa 7.0 solution delivers those needs.

With Panurgy’s CoreNexa all-in-one, seamlessly integrated voice, video, messaging, and collaboration, working remotely feels no different than working in the office and employees working from anywhere are empowered to be highly productive & stay incredibly engaged.

Give every employee, whether working remotely or in the office, one easy tool for highly efficient, productive communication & collaboration.

Panurgy CoreNexa is a fully loaded cloud communications platform that combines high-quality voice & video with:

  • Built-in softphone for making and taking calls anywhere, anytime
  • HD-video meetings
    • Virtual rooms up to 100 participants per meeting
    • Recorded meetings for future reference or sharing
    • Private sidebar conversations
    • Simultaneous Screen Sharing
  • Move from desktop to mobile while on a call, seamlessly
  • Desktop App for easy access anywhere, anytime
  • Messaging with Chat and SMS
  • Mobile App

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With a business class hosted VoIP solution, you’re empowered to scale capabilities appropriate for your business, at your own pace.

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