Enabling seamless collaboration, enhanced efficiency, and remote work flexibility on any device, anywhere.

Never miss an important business call again! Seamlessly streamline your communications to ensure that clients and colleagues can easily reach even the busiest employees anytime, all through one business number. With this system in place, calls are automatically directed to the employee's mobile app, eliminating the need to reveal any personal information. Our mobile app simplifies management in "bring your own device" (BYOD) work environments, ensuring smooth operations and efficient communication flow.

In today's increasingly mobile world, businesses require convenient and rapid methods to connect with customers. The preference for text messaging as a means to contact businesses is rapidly expanding, and Panurgy’s CoreNexa SMS facilitates this crucial communication channel using your business phone number. By safeguarding employees' personal contact information, Panurgy’s CoreNexa SMS enhances your business's professional image while introducing a new avenue for seamless communication with customers.

Panurgy’s CoreNexa SMS offers a protective shield over employees' personal contact details, enhancing professionalism and privacy while utilizing the business phone number for SMS communication. Users can send individual or group SMS, as well as multimedia messages, via the Panurgy’s CoreNexa browser client and mobile app, all without revealing their personal numbers. This capability instantly boosts a business's flexibility, availability, and accessibility, enabling smoother interactions with customers and elevating the overall communication experience.

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Panurgy’s CoreNexa SMS offers four primary advantages:

Seamless Text Messaging Anywhere:

Effortlessly send and receive text messages through the CoreNexa browser client and mobile app, ensuring swift and efficient interactions with customers and employees.

Privacy and Professionalism:

By utilizing a business number instead of personal ones, CoreNexa SMS enhances professionalism while safeguarding employees' privacy by avoiding the need to disclose personal contact information.

Data Protection and Continuous Communication:

Maintaining business communication within the realm of the business phone number rather than personal ones ensures comprehensive access to all messages and communication for relevant stakeholders. This approach safeguards against data loss and preserves message history, even in scenarios of unexpected employee departures or accidental message deletions.

Enhanced Security and Compliance:

Panurgy’s CoreNexa SMS integrates robust security measures and compliance protocols, ensuring that sensitive business communications remain protected and aligned with regulatory requirements.

Panurgy’s CoreNexa SMS offers seamless text messaging through its browser client and mobile app, facilitating swift interactions with customers and employees. By utilizing a business number, it enhances professionalism while safeguarding privacy, ensuring data protection and continuous communication for stakeholders. Integrated security measures and compliance protocols further enhance the protection of sensitive business communications, aligning with regulatory requirements.

Turning Your Employees Mobile Device into Your Office Phone – the benefits are limitless:

  • Never miss a call
  • Make calls from anywhere, anytime.
  • Extension dialing to coworkers.
  • Direct what device rings when calling employee business number.
  • Listen to and manage voicemails, as well as visual voice mail.
  • Contact management for business and personal.

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With a business class hosted VoIP solution, you’re empowered to scale capabilities appropriate for your business, at your own pace.

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